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The best skin whitening products

Skin whitening products are getting more and more popular among women. Many have tried almost every product on the market, like chemical skin care lotions or natural oils. Unfortunately, all the persons interviewed have something in common: none of the products worked, or if they did, the results were poor as in short-term skin whitening or medium-term whitening with skin disorders.
To solve this problem once and for all, you need to understand that only certain products have this ability to whiten your skin without doing extra damage to it. These products are obviously, natural skin care products, but besides that, they must contain at least one of the following natural ingredients: magnolia flower extract, Uva Ursi extract, Dahurian Angelica (Baizhi) powders and extracts or Triterpene Glycoside from Black Cohosh extract.
Magnolia Flower.Common names in product labeling: flos magnoliae, Magnolia flower bud, shin-i, xinyi or xinyihua. In its composition we find neolignans, lignans, lkaloids, flavonoids and tannins. We can find magnolia flower in some alcoholic extracts and decoctions. In combination with different herbal plants, magnolia flower has been very efficient in treating sinusitis, chronic rhinitis or hay fever. Also it can minimize unwanted skin disorders like frequent irritation.
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Uva Ursi. Common names in product labeling: bearberry, beargrape, rockberry and hogberry. Uva Ursi is a common shrub found along tree branches. The plant is 15cm high and skin treatment products contain extract from the dried leaf. In its composition we find allantoin, tannins, ursolic acid, phenolic acid, arbutin, flavonoids, volatile oil and resin. Besides the skin-whitening capabilities, Uva Ursi is beeing used in treating diuretic and urinary disorders. Also it is not recommended if you have kidney disorders or irritated digestive conditions.
Dahurian Angelica(Baizhi) . In its composition we find furocomarins, sterols and stearic acids. Mostly grown in China, Dahurian Angelica has numerous properties, besides skin whitening, like aiding rheumatic or arthritic pain, sinus-clearing, pain reliever, cold and headache reliever, nasal congestion cure and toothache cure. Among skin disorders cured with Baizhi we find antifungal, psoriasis, eczema, acneea and freckle removing. Baizhi is also beeing used in hair-care products like antidandruff shampoos, hair-growth shampoos and hair-tonic shampoos. Also because of antimicrobial and antiinflammatory effects, Dahurian Angelica it is used in healing wounds.
Triterpene Glycoside from Black Cohosh extract.Known as: C. racemosa L.Nutt (Ranunculaceae). Triterpene Glycoside from Black Cohosh extract is a very known herbal among natural skin care product developers. It is prescripted in Europe as a herbal drug and in the USA it is used in menpausal diets. One of the best skin whitening products is using Triterpene Glycoside from Black Cohosh extract because of the root extract that successfully prevents the formation of melanin in vitro.
To summarize, skin whitening can be achieved with various natural skin care products, but the best ones are those containing the above ingredients. Be sure to come back for more articles on natural beauty products.
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Discover hidden facts behind natural beauty products

Why do we use natural beauty products instead of lab-created products? We really love a beauty product that works in our favor to make us more desirable.But do we know that natural beauty products gives the best results in skin care, hair care and anti-aging ?
The main reason not everyone buys organic made products is because, nowadays, the demand exceeds the supply of natural products, therefore if you ever asked yourself why they are more expensive, you just got your answer.
Its in our human nature to aspire to better solutions for regular care, we want to look younger and we want to do that as much as possible until a certain age.
When you improve your looks, you want to do it to feel better with yourself and with the ones surrounding. By achieving this, you feel more confident, your morale is on top, most of the time you feel irresistible.

For most of you it is hard to let your inner beauty shine if you don't feel confortable with your looks. So, I would like to disagree with the people convinced that outer beauty has no value for a person's true self. Providing yourself with that kind of spirit is definitely worth spending your time on your look. Remind yourself that natural beauty products are a healthy person's only choice.Aren't you tired and sick of all these genetically modified products that nowadays are found in our food, our clothes and in our beauty products?Why not use dandelion, lemongrass, rosemary mint for dermal rejuvenation or almond oil for hand softening treatment? Stop using those costly indoor skin tan saloons, this is something I would never recommend because of the high risk of getting melanoma. Forget products filled with parabens, carcinogens, pollutants or gasoline.
Make it simple and natural, no need for draining methods that don't deliver. Learn how to do a herbal mask by yourself in your kitchen.Use sea salt to energize in bath salts.
Here's a cool tip for a home made hair conditioner:
You must have:
-3to4 tablespoons of yogurt;
-a lemon;
-some coconut oil;
-an egg white beaten;
-one mashed soft banana.
-one hair henna.
Preparation:Combine all of the above and apply the mixture on your hair for twenty minutes or so depending on the amount of conditioning required. It is very important to cover roots and tips for best results.You can wash it with your normal shampoo if you like.
Results: Freshness and Instant shine.
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Don't be afraid of aging.Most of us lose color and pigment in our skin as we age and a lot of us spend so much money on expensive facial creams and plastic surgery that sometimes do not work to the desired result.I truly believe that the lines, the textures in a woman's face is what makes her fascinating, things that come with years of loving life and happiness. Don't hide these features because this is what defines you, instead you can soften the things on the outside that limit your inner beauty to reveal itself
From my experience the best way to is to spoil yourself with the best organic products you can find. For instance I know that quality natural foundations usually contain quality pigments, which last longer on your body and give a more youthfull appearance than the ordinary ones. Same thing applies for moisturizers and oil absorbers.
In conclusion, true beauty is in fact an exploration that starts by learning to take care of our bodies and advances with bringing our top features into the surface.That is the purpose of natural beauty products.
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